​How to turn your website into your company’s no.1 salesman

In this 21st century – business wise; a website is to a company what nucleus is to a living biological cell. It is almost impossible in this current tech-driven age to imagine a company without a website.

Your online presence is a crucial part and parcel of your sales campaign. Now, let me ask you something;

Have you thought about turning your website into your company’s salesman?

Funny right?

Yes you can actually do that. The billion naira question is;

How can you turn you website into your company’s no.1 salesman?

In this post, I have highlighted interesting tips to triple your sales and beat the records of the best salesman you ever employed using your website.

Tip 1: Your website should contain every information about your company, its products and services

A salesman knows virtually everything about the organization he represents. Therefore, since your website acts in the capacity of a salesman, why is it lacking information about the company’s product and services? Why is the information so shallow that visitors cannot find your site interesting and useful?

No organization send a sales manager to a potential customers without giving him or her all the necessarily information needed to educate the clients, in the same way, the information expectation of your company’s website should be high and rich in other to generate leads.

Tip 2:  Provide only quality products and services on your website

Are you aware that if you have a bad product, hiring the services of even the best web design company in Nigeria or the best digital marketing company will not be enough to boost sales through your website? It’s just like a rotten yoke covered with egg shell.

In other words, you need a good product on your website. Make no mistake of putting a bad product on your website because that will be the Genesis of your sales campaign failure.

Your website should be able to provide her visitors with credible and quality products and services just as salesman would. Don’t sit back and relax expecting your visitors to ask about your product. Do a visual representation of your products on the site and show them the pricing information, product uses, dimensions, etc.

Every salesman knows his target audience and it is very important to know everything about them, including their likes, what their product taste are, what inspires them to buy a particular product etc. Thus, should have a clear image of your target audience, so as to be able to come up with the content that can satisfy their needs.

Tip 3: Develop your website in such a way as to gain customers trust

Building trust with customers is not as easy as losing them. A little loophole on your part can cost you a customer or hundreds to thousands of them. One of the major factors of a successful salesman is his ability to gain customer’s trust likewise your website. Your website should be able create and build customer confidence in your goods, services or your company itself. This is not a simple task but, it is something you must do to have a good end – Why not inform your site visitors about your refund policy and return goods.

As a sales manager I had countless encounters with customers who came back with retuned goods. The first thing I usually told them, is that no refund of money after payment- you can only exchange the goods and again my goods should not stay with you for more than three (3) days. I did this for years and I never had misunderstanding with my customers. I was able to give them the assurance of getting back other goods if the former was not okay.

Another useful method to make people feel at ease with your services is through customers’ reviews and social media reactions. This is what super salesmen do – they help you get feedback so you can understand your market better. So your website should do same.

Tip 4: Ensure your website is built with a capacity to build and retain your relationships with your customers
A good salesman in an organization does not only provide customers with what they need but also build a good rapport with them. In a pursuit for new clients, the existing ones must not be neglected. Many companies are guilty of this.

In order to create rapport and entice customers to always come back for more of your products/services, your company’s website should have regular promotional campaigns that can sustain the interest of the customers. Promos and other benefits through your website can retain the existing customers and also get new ones.


Like a salesman, your website is the first point of contact every visitor meets. Therefore, as a marketing tool, it should be equally standard in content and quality. Once you have great content to share with your visitors, and make it easier for them to locate, then you can achieve the unimaginable.

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Slow loading website: A threat to your business in 2021

The universality of Internet is known to you, so I wouldn’t want to bore you with any discuss on how Internet has become a close pal to about 47% of the world population.

This of course has led many business owners to run their businesses online by creating a website.

So you can rightly say that almost all businesses, both small and large scale businesses have online presence. WHY?  Competition.

However, there’s been a plague on many websites.

Some are aware of the impeding danger of this plague, while others are not.

Without wasting much of your time, this plagued is “slow Loading website”.

In this post I shall enlighten you on how this slow loading website can cause a huge blow on your business if ignored.

Reduces your website SEO Rankings

Image result for poor seo ranking

Most people think that ranking first 10 in Google search ends with quality contents and optimized search engine.

The truth is that when your website has low speed load, you won’t be found on Google search as you expected.

One thing is maintaining a quality content; another is the viewer-ship.

How does your site get to be ranked when users can’t bear the annoying loading speed of your website?  It’s just going to be” a hiss and off” for your site.

This will surely harm your business because you will be far behind on Google search, people won’t be able to get to your link as they used to, not to talk of clicking.

Poor traffic

Image result for poor web traffic

    poor traffic generation

Let me remind you that if your website cannot command enough traffic, then you won’t be able to get enough leads as well.

This is systematic. More traffic-more leads-more potential customers -more customers-more sales and finally more profits. It’s just as simple as that.

So imagine when your website is struggling to load, you won’t be able generate traffic which is the base of your business success on your website.

If this issue isn’t settled your online presence is likely to have a blackout.

Low Conversion Rate

Are your familiar with web visitors’ attitude towards slow loading website? –impatient.

They don’t have all the time to waste on your slow load speed website.

In other words, having a slow loading website would definitely cause your users to migrate to another website in search of what they want.

Image result for Low Conversion Rate

Poor loading website can dearly harm your business, because a situation where your web visitors can find products similar to yours on another website that is the end for you. You stand a good chance of losing all you visitors.

Your website is not supposed to load at least above 3 seconds.

The ugly thing is that the slower your website loading gets, the more you lose users and it would eventually depreciate your sales and earnings as well.

Customers’ depreciation

If you are still contemplating, whether slow loading website will affect your customer’s attitude towards your business-sure it would, a great deal.

This is non-negotiable, the moment your website begins to give your customers problem and you don’t want to fix it as fast you could, they will begin to lose trust in you; having odd  thought like “ is this site about to crash” something like that.

So yes it’s going to affect your business.

They will eventually look for similar products and services from another dealer.


For efficiency and to be of a safer side, while writing quality contents with well optimized search engine don’t hesitate to always boost your website for easy access by your visitors. Am very sure you could see what harm slow loading website could do to your business so you must not ignore your website load speed for any reason.

And don’t forget that customer is the king, give them the best.


Benefits Of Blogging To Your Small Businesses In The Nigeria Economy

Do you think the Nigerian Billionaire, the founder of Dangote group, Aliko Dangote needs a content writing to sell his cement product? No- he doesn’t. This is as a result of monopoly. Today, literally every business both small and large scale business key into content writing as a sales campaign strategy because of competition.  However, the growing popularity of the internet, digital marketing has become necessary for small business in Nigeria.

In this post, I have discusses why blogging as a proven marketing campaign is beneficial to small businesses in Nigeria.


Blog increases your sales by generating traffic to your website:

Blogging helps you to stay connected to your customers through interesting content writing. Your followers automatically get access to your site and can access your product and services. It helps you generate traffic to your business. Don’t forget that the more traffic you drive to your blog; the more customers you get as well and this promotes your sales. To achieve this, you need make the blog on your website the foundation for all of your social media networks. . Blogging plays an important role in your online marketing experience because it helps to inform the people about your services and products and also increases the number of potential customers visiting your site.

Blog saves cost for small business owners:

Blogging is the simplest, easiest and probably the cheapest way to getting your business running over the internet and creating a blog is just like creating a facebook account, no stress. So why neglect this opportunity that can help you maximize your sales and attract customers to your site at zero cost. All you need is to grace your page with interesting contents and you are good to go.

Blog helps you build a better relationships with your customers:

Nowadays, business owners make use blogs to keep a good rapport with their customers and potential ones respectively. They are more engaging either through the content or enquiry about product and services. So your continuous response to them through your site create an enabling and comfortable ground for business discuss.

 It helps to make your business known and improve growth:

Blog can help your business get prominence. Provided you enrich your blog with interesting and superb, be rest assured that your business get to placed you least expected which you can only notice when you start getting demand from a far distance. Through loyal customers, you can boost our business.

Without mincing word, the importance of blogging to a small business owner cannot be over emphasized. I can only tell you that there is no risk in adopting blog as your marketing campaign but there is a risk neglecting to follow the trend in business line such as blogging.

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Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Business Website

Is your website return of investment (ROI) on deficit?  Does it has low traffic and generating low turnout for your business? Is your website not meeting the expected end? If you answered to these aforementioned questions is yes, ride on with me and I will tell you why. 

You may have thought that you did everything right ranging from a standard website, friendly Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the SME, and other necessarily input by employing professional company who help make sure you had the right focus and content. But in the end the result wasn’t as expected, it was rather disappointing.

The problem is common yet very crucial that a moment of neglect would cost you a lot. You planted a vegetable and forgot that if not nurtured would grow anyhow. You get so busy and carried away that you forgot cars don’t drove itself and you left your girlfriend unattended for months and expect her to hold on to you, no, it doesn’t work like that.

What am I trying to say? You work really hard at creating a beautiful, but then get so occupied and left it without maintenance.

Don’t panic; just read on

This brings us to the reasons why it is rather very necessarily for business owners in Nigeria to adopt website maintenance syndrome.

Cling unto your website with love and your competitors would become jealous.

Website maintenance is very necessarily for any business in Nigeria, regardless of size. Your website is a worldwide entry to your business and it can make a huge impact on how the value of your product or service is rated globally. A well-managed and maintained website is ‘’a good to go’’ for real-time service industries.

The often neglected element – yet one of the most crucial elements – to any successful website plan is maintenance. While the initial website project is important to creating the right foundation, the steady maintenance and upkeep is where you will see the best our website can offer. At this juncture you will really see the manifestation as you begin to maximize the Return Of you Investment (ROI).
Now how do you maintain your website? Don’t answer that, Let me help you with the accurate response.
First, accurate and updated information promotes trust and projects business.

It is observed that websites with clear controversy and errors drive prospective clients away. So keeping updated website with good contents really promotes business.

Drive More Traffic and increase you Search Engine rating

Search engines love fresh content. The more often you update your website, the more often the search engines will visit your site and boost your rankings. And the reverse is true as well. After a site has not been left unattended in a while, the search engines begin to craw, when that happens there’s chance that you ranking would begin to drop for important keywords.

Retain you Visitors and subject them to always have a reason To Come Back

The gospel truth is that your website is not for your consumption but rather for your potential customers to feed on. This can be achieved by keeping stale and less informative contents away from your website; by so doing, you begin to establish a healthy relationship with your customers and prospects respectively. Don’t that trust is easy to lose but very hard to gain. Help build their trust by providing the latest and most up-to-date information on your website.

Keep up with technology trend

In this 21st century, any enterprise that deprive itself on the ever changing technology is doing so as his own expense. Technology changes every time and it would be a taboo if as business owner you refuse to make a shift if new technology is invented. New technology is constantly evolving for accessing your content, don’t slack, follow the trend so as not to lose your customer are always ready o embrace new technology.

Conclusively, it is very important that business owners keep up on the responsibility for consistency and quality of the changes, and the smooth running of their website. In this race for profit making and generating more traffic and customers, nothing is to be taken for granted, by so doing, business owners will keep driving on huge success.

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