Benefits Of Blogging To Your Small Businesses In The Nigeria Economy

Do you think the Nigerian Billionaire, the founder of Dangote group, Aliko Dangote needs a content writing to sell his cement product? No- he doesn’t. This is as a result of monopoly. Today, literally every business both small and large scale business key into content writing as a sales campaign strategy because of competition.  However, the growing popularity of the internet, digital marketing has become necessary for small business in Nigeria.

In this post, I have discusses why blogging as a proven marketing campaign is beneficial to small businesses in Nigeria.


Blog increases your sales by generating traffic to your website:

Blogging helps you to stay connected to your customers through interesting content writing. Your followers automatically get access to your site and can access your product and services. It helps you generate traffic to your business. Don’t forget that the more traffic you drive to your blog; the more customers you get as well and this promotes your sales. To achieve this, you need make the blog on your website the foundation for all of your social media networks. . Blogging plays an important role in your online marketing experience because it helps to inform the people about your services and products and also increases the number of potential customers visiting your site.

Blog saves cost for small business owners:

Blogging is the simplest, easiest and probably the cheapest way to getting your business running over the internet and creating a blog is just like creating a facebook account, no stress. So why neglect this opportunity that can help you maximize your sales and attract customers to your site at zero cost. All you need is to grace your page with interesting contents and you are good to go.

Blog helps you build a better relationships with your customers:

Nowadays, business owners make use blogs to keep a good rapport with their customers and potential ones respectively. They are more engaging either through the content or enquiry about product and services. So your continuous response to them through your site create an enabling and comfortable ground for business discuss.

 It helps to make your business known and improve growth:

Blog can help your business get prominence. Provided you enrich your blog with interesting and superb, be rest assured that your business get to placed you least expected which you can only notice when you start getting demand from a far distance. Through loyal customers, you can boost our business.

Without mincing word, the importance of blogging to a small business owner cannot be over emphasized. I can only tell you that there is no risk in adopting blog as your marketing campaign but there is a risk neglecting to follow the trend in business line such as blogging.

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