6 Proven Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales Today

Without leads, your business is a sure failure. Can you argue that?

Smiles- I bet you won’t.

Differentiating between traffic from lead generation is usually misunderstood by most people.

For a good understanding of this post, let’s concisely explain what lead generation is all about.

While traffic generation geared towards bringing more people/visitors to your website, lead generation focuses on turning or rather converting these visitors into potential customers.

Leads are quality potential customers who can become ideal customers and your brand loyalists, only if you approach them with the right strategy.

By definition, lead generation is a way of attracting prospects to your business/website through special yet common ways to appeal and convince them to actually make a buying decision and become a full-fledged customer.

In this post, I will walk you through the best tips that if well implemented will help you generate more leads to your business through your website.

#1. Optimize Your Website Messaging

Charity they say begins at home

A website can be likened to a salesman in a shop, what he does is to sell a product to prospects using the most effective means that will covert the prospect into paying customer.

Ever come across a website that you read every word and navigated through the visual representation on the homepage yet you seem lost – not sure of what the business is all about?  It’s a bad user experience. I don’t think you want your site visitors to experience such.

As a start-up, your customers should be able to get a comprehensive knowledge of what your business is all about at first glance. It should be able to define what services or products your business offer.

the truth is, most businesses or organisations may have spent a lot of time and energy building a beautiful website but then neglecting the vital component that would determine both their conversion and bounce rate – Website Messaging.

As a business owner striving for brand awareness and credibility to generate a lead for his business, you should understand that it will be a big blunder if after spending your resources developing a nice website yet it doesn’t really translate the exact products and services your business offers.

So what do you do?

Simple! – Optimize your website information.

It is one thing to communicate and another to communicate effectively. Effective communication gives meaning to the stories you’re trying to sell to your audience.

let’s check Backdesk Innovative Solutions homepage:


Does the homepage greet you with the this “phrasal question” “NEED MORE SALES”? Let’s help you attract customers and grow your revenue”

This caption already depicts the picture of what this agency is all about even before you go any further.

What this means is that your website contents, including visuals and texts, should be a perfect representation of the services your brand offers.

Note: Communicating the meaning and value of your business through your website to an audience is one thing every small business should integrate to generate more leads and possibly convert these leads to actual paying customers. Do this right and enjoy the huge benefits.

The second thing you should consider is your site load speed.

2. Have a responsive and speed-loading website

How responsive is your website? How long does it take for your website to load? These are just a few question business owners should answer.

how small businesses can generate more lead with a website

Let me remind you that website visitors are impatient and very quick to judgment.

According to Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat, “an average reader will stay on your page for just 15 seconds.

So you have just a limited time to either retain visitors on your website or have them bounce off.

Poor responsive and low loading website will increase the bounce rate on your website.

If your website loads forever, then you have a big problem because visitors won’t even get to learn about the services your business offer.

To avoid this, consider optimizing your web page content for better user experience. This is just one out of many strategies you can use to generate more leads to your business. The next on the list is blogging.

3. Start Blogging to increase your SEO rankings

how small businesses can generate more lead with a website

Blogging gives you added the advantage of connecting your business with your website visitors. This can be achieved by telling readers to add their opinion in the comment section at the end of the blog post, with this, you get to meet, interact and rapport with your audience. You can also gain a meaningful idea of what services or products your customers/prospects may be searching for.

There are numerous ways of generating traffic and lead to a website, of which blogging is one of the fundamental strategies to achieve that.

Most businesses have leveraged the power of blogging as a way of generating leads for their business simply because blogging works.

However, blogging does not only drive traffic to your website, it equally increases your SEO rankings, making your business even more visible to people looking for your services online. Read 5 simple SEO tricks to get your website boosted in just 60 minutes 

Embrace content marketing, it really pays.

4. Leverage call tracking strategy to generate more leads

As part of lead generation strategy, call tracking is very effective to getting potential customers

While I was doing my research, I found out that most businesses have the idea of call tracking but don’t really know how to effect these strategies. This leads us to the question of how to go about generating a lead through call tracking.

how small businesses can generate more lead with a website

Here is the thing – Your site visitors want to interact with a human being  especially when it comes to making their buying decision which automatically translates to a huge sales and profit  making for your business

So to generate more lead to your business, call tracking helps you analyse and know how your clients reach you. It might be from ads on your website or social media campaigns.

The point is, call tracking will help you know and determine where your money is best spent. With this kind of insight about your campaigns, you should be able to streamline your marketing strategy and then consider investing more in the campaign where you have more conversion.

Want to generate more lead to your business? Leverage call tracking strategy.

5. Use Active Online Chat

Literally, every company has an online chat option, but the big question is, how many of these company’s online chat but is active? The truth is, most companies/agencies, organisations and businesses just include the live chat option just for the sake of having it there. It doesn’t work like that!

As a business owner, you might want to know it’s not enough to create an online chat, being active is the most important aspect.

Having an active live chat on your website can go along to generate more leads to your business. This is because online chat gives prospects and visitors direct access to your business which in return will establish and build trust with your potential customers who visited your website.

Besides, not every visitors may rather be willing to put a call through a mobile phone, some would prefer a live chat.

how small businesses can generate more lead with a website


Aside from being cost-effective, Live chat help both clients and business owners get more understanding about what they are talking about. There are cases you’ll have to repeat a sentence over and over again over the mobile phone yet the client (s) may still not get what you’re explaining.

However, the live chat option is a must-have for every business website, but it’s rather bad for you to create a passive live chat on your website. Instead don’t create at all!

Want more lead? Create an online chat on your website.

6. Craft a testimonial page on your website

Customers review is one of the major marketing tool capable of generating lead to a website.

It is easier for people (prospects) to believe what other people are talking about your business compared to adverts – I stand to be corrected.  Hey! Don’t get it twisted, the power of advertisement cannot be undermined – adverts play a vital role in lead generation for businesses.

The point is, people are more willing to buy products or services they heard from others who have used such products and confirm it really work.


With a testimonial page on your website, your prospects can get to see what your clients are saying about you and this alone can compel them to make an instant buying decision.

However, you should not just add testimonials on the page without photos of your clients embedded on it, include photos to even earn more trust from your prospects.

Want to generate more lead to your business but can’t implement these strategies?


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