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Slow loading website: A threat to your business in 2021

The universality of Internet is known to you, so I wouldn’t want to bore you with any discuss on how Internet has become a close pal to about 47% of the world population.

This of course has led many business owners to run their businesses online by creating a website.

So you can rightly say that almost all businesses, both small and large scale businesses have online presence. WHY?  Competition.

However, there’s been a plague on many websites.

Some are aware of the impeding danger of this plague, while others are not.

Without wasting much of your time, this plagued is “slow Loading website”.

In this post I shall enlighten you on how this slow loading website can cause a huge blow on your business if ignored.

Reduces your website SEO Rankings

Image result for poor seo ranking

Most people think that ranking first 10 in Google search ends with quality contents and optimized search engine.

The truth is that when your website has low speed load, you won’t be found on Google search as you expected.

One thing is maintaining a quality content; another is the viewer-ship.

How does your site get to be ranked when users can’t bear the annoying loading speed of your website?  It’s just going to be” a hiss and off” for your site.

This will surely harm your business because you will be far behind on Google search, people won’t be able to get to your link as they used to, not to talk of clicking.

Poor traffic

Image result for poor web traffic

    poor traffic generation

Let me remind you that if your website cannot command enough traffic, then you won’t be able to get enough leads as well.

This is systematic. More traffic-more leads-more potential customers -more customers-more sales and finally more profits. It’s just as simple as that.

So imagine when your website is struggling to load, you won’t be able generate traffic which is the base of your business success on your website.

If this issue isn’t settled your online presence is likely to have a blackout.

Low Conversion Rate

Are your familiar with web visitors’ attitude towards slow loading website? –impatient.

They don’t have all the time to waste on your slow load speed website.

In other words, having a slow loading website would definitely cause your users to migrate to another website in search of what they want.

Image result for Low Conversion Rate

Poor loading website can dearly harm your business, because a situation where your web visitors can find products similar to yours on another website that is the end for you. You stand a good chance of losing all you visitors.

Your website is not supposed to load at least above 3 seconds.

The ugly thing is that the slower your website loading gets, the more you lose users and it would eventually depreciate your sales and earnings as well.

Customers’ depreciation

If you are still contemplating, whether slow loading website will affect your customer’s attitude towards your business-sure it would, a great deal.

This is non-negotiable, the moment your website begins to give your customers problem and you don’t want to fix it as fast you could, they will begin to lose trust in you; having odd  thought like “ is this site about to crash” something like that.

So yes it’s going to affect your business.

They will eventually look for similar products and services from another dealer.


For efficiency and to be of a safer side, while writing quality contents with well optimized search engine don’t hesitate to always boost your website for easy access by your visitors. Am very sure you could see what harm slow loading website could do to your business so you must not ignore your website load speed for any reason.

And don’t forget that customer is the king, give them the best.

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