Management Software
for Hospitality Industry

Improve your business accounting | Inventory | Track Sales | Manage Stocks

We provide micro and small businesses the benefit of management software to enable them to manage their processes as they strive to build a sustainable business. Our software is designed to help organizations like yours such as Restaurants, Hotels, Food and Beverages, Healthcare, and Hospitality, etc use to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, sales, inventory/stock management,  and supply chain operations.


Inventory Management System

Our software allows you to easily track your inventory and fulfil your orders on time without worrying about replenishment. and so on.

Supply Chain Management Software

End-to-end supply chain management from procurement to transactions to logistics — link all points of a supply chain network with OyaSyncERP

Procurement Software

Our software is designed to help you take control over your procurement, buy intelligently, and fill your stores perfectly.

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